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Building Our Tomorrow Campagin

On August 14, 1997, the Wisconsin Pharmacists Association, which later that year would become the Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin, hosted a grand opening of the new office building. Over 400 pharmacists, students, and associates celebrated with live music, food, and drink!

This new building was made possible by the Wisconsin Pharmacy Foundation and the “Building for the Future” campaign that raised over $830,000. The amazing generosity and commitment demonstrated by the Wisconsin pharmacy family was outstanding.

It has been 20 years since the “Building for the Future” campaign ended and, since then, the physical home of PSW has been well maintained, but few updates have been made. The passing of time has been noticed by the PSW staff and building visitors. There are a few updates that PSW would like to make to continue to improve our building to represent Wisconsin pharmacy and to serve as a strategic meeting place into the future.

The new “Building Our Tomorrow” campaign looks to raise funds to update and modernize the PSW office. Please consider donating today!


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