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Get Involved

  • Identify an interest area
    • Educational programming
    • Legislative affairs
    • Medicaid advisory
    • Membership services
    • Patient safety
    • Quality improvement
    • Publications
    • Student mentoring
    • Technician programming
    • Wisconsin Pharmacist Recovery Network

  • Join a PIN (Practice Interest Network)
    • PSW Acute Care PIN
    • PSW Ambulatory Care PIN
    • PSW Anticoagulation PIN
    • PSW Diabetes PIN
    • PSW Immunization PIN
    • PSW Independent Pharmacy Practice PIN
    • PSW Informatics & Technology PIN
    • Medication Use Policy PIN
    • PSW Senior & LTC Section PIN
    • United Way MTM PIN (restricted)
    • PSW Technician PIN
    • Wisconsin Residency PIN
    • WPQC PIN

  • Attend one or more meetings
    • Annual Meeting
    • Legislative Day
    • Educational Conference
    • Senior Care Conference
    • Technician Educational Forum
    • Immunization Delivery for Pharmacists
    • Milwaukee Area Event
  • Present at a meeting. Interested? Contact Sarah Sorum.
    • Annual Meeting
    • Educational Conference
    • Senior Care Conference
    • Technician Educational Forum
    • Milwaukee Area Event

  • Complete immunization delivery training
  • Contribute to PSW PRIME Time health-system pharmacy resource
  • Nominate colleagues for PSW awards
  • Engage yourself in legislative activities at the state and federal level. Contact Danielle Laurent for more information.
  • Publish articles in The Journal of the Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin. Please review the author guidelines and contact Megan Grant for more information 
  • Suggest topics and speakers for educational programs. Contact Sarah Sorum to submit your suggestions. 
  • Present a poster at a PSW conference
  • Enhance your MTM services through WPQC resources. Contact Kari for details. 


Questions on how to get involved or get someone else involved? Email us or call us at 608.827.9200.
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