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Ambulatory Care Advisory Board

To advise the PSW Board of Directors on the educational needs of ambulatory care pharmacists, serve as a professional resource for PSW members, and advocate with PSW on a state and national level to continually advance ambulatory care pharmacy practice. Click here to learn more about Ambulatory Care Pharmacy.

Practitioners with ambulatory care expertise/experience.


The Board is comprised of two co-chairs, nine members serving two year calendar year appointments with possible reappointment to an additional term, two resident members serving one year appointments, and one PSW staff member (indefinite term).

The next application cycle will open June 2019.  Interested practitioners with ambulatory care expertise/experience are encouraged to submit a CV, description of current position, and letter of interest/personal statement. Board terms are from August to July to coincide with the PSW Annual Meeting.

Board meetings will be held on a quarterly basis.  The fall meeting and orientation for new members will be held in conjunction with the PSW Annual Conference. The spring meeting will be held in conjunction with the PSW Educational Conference.  The two other meetings will be held at the PSW headquarters in Madison.

Additional Information
Please contact the co-chairs for any additional information or inquires related to ACAB.


Click here to apply to be on the Ambulatory Care Advisory Board.

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