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PSW Chain Pharmacy Advisory Board

Purpose: The purpose of the Chain Pharmacy Advisory Board is to advise PSW on issues of importance to chain pharmacy businesses and practitioners in Wisconsin.

Membership: Comprised of at most 12 persons serving two calendar year appointments with optional reappointment to a second two years. Interested practitioners with chain expertise/experience should contact PSW and/or an existing board member. A call for new members through PSW communications is completed annually.

Meetings: Meets two times annually for partial days at PSW office in Madison, WI and via teleconference once annually.

Additional Information: Current chair welcome any inquires related to the CPAB.

Contact information for board members can be found in the PSW Membership Directory.

Joel S. Kurzman
National Liaison
Carrie J. Boeckelman
UW Health Pharmacy Services - Office Location
Casey Cesnovar
Carmen A. Fusselman
Roundy's Supermarket Pharmacy
George M Kowalski
Franklin J LaDien
Walgreens Pharmacy


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