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Battle of the Foundations Round Three!

College Football season is underway and the Wisconsin Badgers vs Iowa Hawkeyes game is fast approaching. PSW and the Iowa Pharmacy Association (IPA) have teamed-up again to use the football game competition for a friendly fundraising opportunity to help raise funds for the pharmacy foundations in each state.
Grudge Match…

Last year IPA thumped PSW in fundraising due to some mighty contributions from many Iowa pharmacists.  Apparently, they were still smarting from PSW’s prior year win.  Now it’s our turn…PLEASE HELP PSW RECLAIM the FUNDRAISING TROPHY.

Donations will be applied to the PSW-IPA annual Leadership Pharmacy Conference. The Leadership Endowment Fund was established in 2012 in recognition of the founder of Leadership Pharmacy, Tom Temple, CEO Emeritus of the Iowa Pharmacy Association. With an original goal of $750,000, divided equally for each state. Through pledges and payments, PSW has been able to raise over $275,000. We need your help to tackle the rest of the goal and to beat the Iowa pharmacists (who dress like bumblebees).

Leadership Pharmacy is a unique opportunity available to pharmacists in Iowa and Wisconsin who are interested in becoming leaders in the profession of pharmacy. The Conference is designed to provide an unequalled opportunity for pharmacists in their first fifteen years of practice to develop organizational skills which will enable both personal and professional growth. Twenty pharmacists, ten from each state of Iowa and Wisconsin, are selected to participate in this unique conference each year.

Show your state spirit and DONATE TODAY! Do it for the future of pharmacy and to one-up our friends from Iowa. Every dollar helps so please give what you can. Donations to the Wisconsin Pharmacy Foundation are tax deductible as charitable gifts

May the BEST foundation WIN!


The Battle of the Foundations will run from September 3rd – October 3rd, Game Day! The Foundation that receives the most pledges and contributions during the 30 day period will be the winner.

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Click here to download the 2015 Battle of the Foundations flyer.
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