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Business Support Program

Every pharmacy in Wisconsin should be participating in PSW's Business Support Program.

The Business Support Program is intended to provide PSW the financial resources needed to address the major challenges facing pharmacy businesses in Wisconsin.

In order to cover the costs associated with PSW's work on the state budget and to proactively address upcoming pharmacy challenges, including the next budget development, it is imperative that EVERY Wisconsin pharmacy participates in the Business Support Program – all pharmacy businesses from every market segment.

If you care enough to get involved in shaping the future of your profession, this is the single best way to make it happen. We are confident you will regard your pharmacy's investment in the Business Support Program as wise and well worth your return.  Individual pharmacist dues are insufficient in providing the financial resources necessary for PSW to address the issues confronting pharmacy businesses. PSW is working on behalf of your business and we need your pharmacy's support.


Independent, Chain, Clinic,
Home Care, LTC

$525 per Wisconsin pharmacy location



Less than 100 beds


100-300 beds


More than 300 beds








Please contact us for more details and information on the business support program.


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