At the midpoint of 2020, I have surmised that this year is a year for courage. I’m inspired by the courage I’ve seen demonstrated around me in the face of so much change, challenge, and turmoil.

Pharmacy professionals, essential healthcare providers, at the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic have demonstrated courage in quickly adapting their practices to care for the sickest among us and to keep patients safe in their communities. New graduating pharmacists have demonstrated resilience among canceled classes, virtual experiential education, modified celebrations, and licensure challenges. The new members of the PSW Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Team have demonstrated courage in engaging in meaningful conversation to improve understanding, express compassion, and make meaningful change for our profession, for our organization, and for the patients we serve. So much courage and so much commitment.

This is my first of many blogs for our members; I’m taking a page from a number of other CEOs of associations that regularly write some thoughts in a blog format. As our lives have pivoted further to virtual communication, I have decided this provides an opportunity for me and for PSW to engage further with you.

By Sarah Sorum, PharmD, PSW Executive Vice President & CEO

PSW is built on a strong foundation established by visionary leaders. Using that strong foundation as a spring board, we have great opportunity ahead – opportunity for innovation, engagement, and inclusivity. I view it as a great responsibility to take the helm as the first woman CEO of PSW in the midst of this time. In the coming months, PSW will engage in our first formal strategic planning process in many years, we’ll engage with members across the state in our first virtual PSW Annual Meeting, we’ll develop legislative priorities for what promises to be a politically charged next legislative session, we’ll develop action for PSW to address racism as a public health issue, and we’ll weather a storm of economics that challenge associations.

PSW is in a strong position and we’ll rise to these challenges, viewing the opportunity among us. We have an exceptional team for an exceptional time. With the courage and the commitment of our past, present, and emerging leaders; there is greatness ahead.