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If it's right for the patient, it's right for the profession

By Sarah Sorum, PharmD, PSW Executive Vice President & CEO

In this month’s blog post, I’m focused on strategy.

Patients are our purpose

I did my residency training in Maquoketa, Iowa (pop. 6,200) at Osterhaus Pharmacy. Matt and Bob O., both past presidents of APhA, prescribe to the philosophy – if it’s right for the patient, it’s right for your practice and right for the profession.

PSW places patients at the center of our vision. At PSW, we believe that together we can inspire each other to advance our profession with the single purpose of enhancing the lives of our patients. Our work positions pharmacists to improve care, believing that every patient needs a pharmacist and every pharmacist needs an advocate.

Planning our strategy

In the weeks ahead, the PSW Board of Directors will work to reaffirm our central vision and align strategic goals for the next three years that will position PSW for bold work ahead. The coronavirus pandemic has been a catalyst for rapid changes and we are poised to continue supporting pharmacists’ and pharmacy technicians’ roles in this new health care environment. Telehealth, expanded population health, ambulatory care expansion, re-engineering community practices, impacting medication adherence, appropriate use of digital health solutions, specialty medications, pharmacogenomics, and personalized medicine, and other “macro-environmental” factors will be considered in our strategy development.

Building and strengthening relationships with policy makers

The work of a state association on behalf of pharmacy professionals is more critical now than ever. The National Conference of State Legislators says, “Health costs account for about one-third of state budgets…State legislatures make thousands of health policy decisions each year, including improving access to appropriate care, determining who should be immunized, licensing health professionals and facilities, and supporting or rejecting initiatives to keep people healthy.”

There’s a widely used saying in politics that you are either at the table or you are on the menu. PSW will keep pharmacy professionals at the table for these important conversations. I’d like to thank our members that are stepping up and contributing to the PSW Friends of Pharmacy Fund, the PSW political conduit, that allows PSW to participate in relationship building conversations throughout this campaign season. With our professional staff support, you decide how your dollars are directed. Learn more about contributing here: https://www.pswi.org/Advocacy/Grassroots-Advocacy-Tools/Friends-of-Pharmacy-Fund. We need your help.

Now is a time for coalitions and collaboration to provide creative solutions, but also showcase what’s working. Pharmacists are working every day to impact patient care and the evidence of our impact is staggering. We are ready for bold strategies for the future.

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