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Types of Manuscripts

Publication submissions will typically fall into one of the following types of manuscripts:

ORIGINAL WORK includes articles submitted with information generated by the authors. Original work is typically unsolicited. Articles may describe innovative research, descriptions of clinical programs, case studies, adverse drug report(s), pharmacoeconomic evaluations or topics relating to utilization of medications.

  • For original works please include 3-5 key words with the manuscript submission.

REVIEW ARTICLES include manuscripts based on already published literature. Review articles may include disease state reviews, new medication updates, and reviews of other topics pertinent to pharmacy. Examples of other topics include pharmacist and technician roles and processes, clinical inquiries, patient considerations, and technology use.

SPOTLIGHT articles are solicited through several avenues to highlight pharmacy leaders and businesses across the state.

STUDENT WRITING CLUB articles are coordinated through local Schools of Pharmacy and are peer reviewed by both pharmacy students and pharmacists. The Student Writing Club typically publishes review articles and spotlights; however, original work will also be considered.

FEATURES are solicited articles relating to clinical practice issues or pharmacy practice advancement in various settings. This section may include descriptions of new or innovative pharmacy services, current treatment guidelines/goals that will affect pharmacy practice, new or developing roles for pharmacists, or evolving pharmacy technology. Summaries of pertinent legislation, health care laws or changes to pharmacy practice rules and regulations and their potential impact on the profession may also be included. Recurrent feature articles include UpFront, ID Corner, and the precepting series


  • Solicited pieces that relay experiences or are reflections of experiences significant to pharmacy practice or education. Examples include lessons learned from participation in volunteer activities and reflections on key events shaping pharmacy practice.
  • Unsolicited reflection articles should include lessons or skills that a reader may be able to incorporate into practice as applicable and material that is of interest or significance to the practice of the readership. Student reflections may relate to our student readership. A limited number of unsolicited pharmacy reflections will be published each year and will undergo a two-person peer review process.

CONTINUING EDUCATION articles are often solicited, but the editor is willing to discuss ideas for potential CE articles. CE articles must be approved before written. Please click here for the CE article guidance.

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