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Become a Peer Reviewer

Peer review is an essential step for ensuring the quality of the manuscripts published in The Journal. We use a double-blind peer review process for manuscript review. Peer reviewers consider the appropriateness of the manuscript for The Journal, the writing is clear and concise (i.e. figures are consistent with text, key messages are highlighted), and the article is appropriately cited. Peer reviewers also make ensure the conclusions from original work are appropriate for the rigor of the evaluation methods. Please see The Journal’s peer review expectations and peer review checklist for additional guidance to decide if you would like to become a reviewer.

To become a peer reviewer, please email the Pharmacist Editor of The Journal, Amanda Margolis, at amargolis@pswi.org with the following information:

  • Name
  • Place(s) of employment
  • Preferred email
  • Area of expertise/interest (preferred content to review)
  • Frequency of willingness to review (e.g. yearly, twice yearly, quarterly, etc.)


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