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About PSW

Our Vision

At PSW we collaborate, transforming pharmacy practice to improve patient care.


Our Mission

Provide a unified voice, resources, and leadership to advance the pharmacy profession and improve the quality of medication us in Wisconsin


Our Story - "One Voice, One Vision"

With "One Voice, One Vision" on January 1, 1998 Wisconsin successfully united all pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and student pharmacists within one advocating organization. The Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin has championed the cause of helping pharmacists deliver the best care for their patients. Today, with more than 4,400 members statewide PSW is THE professional organization pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and student pharmacists join to further their careers, advance the standing of pharmacists and improve the care of patients in Wisconsin.

First rate education, networking opportunities, business solutions, inspirational stories and finding ways to make a difference is what the PSW is all about. PSW is designed so that its members can work together, help one another, and advance the pharmacy profession with the singular purpose of enhancing the lives of people in Wisconsin.

PSW invites all pharmacy professionals in the state who share the vision to be part of the VOICE.


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

One voice, one vision for all. PSW supports diversity in our membership, equity in our opportunities, and inclusiveness in our organization. We embrace our differences, unifying efforts to enhance patient care while advancing our profession. Our patients are diverse, and so are we.

Celebrating 20 Years!


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