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PSW may award the Distinguished Service Award at its Annual Meeting. The award is granted to recognize and honor a qualified Wisconsin pharmacist who has made outstanding sustained contributions to the profession of pharmacy and the Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin.


Demonstration of outstanding, long-term contributions to the profession of pharmacy and the Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin.


Any licensed pharmacist practicing and residing in Wisconsin who is not a member of the PSW Board of Directors, an elected officer or a paid employee of PSW and whose current membership in PSW is in good standing. The nominee must not be a past recipient of this award.


Recipients of this award shall receive an engraved plaque, recognition in The Journal and at the Annual Awards Banquet.


All nominations must be fully completed and submitted to PSW by the nomination deadline in order for the nominee to be considered as a candidate for the award. All incomplete nominations will be returned to the nominator for re-submission. Nominations postmarked or date stamped after the nomination deadline will not qualify for consideration until the following year.

To complete the nomination, please submit three (3) letters in support of this candidate’s nomination by June 1st. Each letter supporting nomination should be accompanied by writer’s name, work site and contact information. One letter of support can be written by the award candidate. In addition, a curriculum vitae or resume may be substituted in place of one letter of support. Each qualified nomination will be evaluated based on the award’s selection criteria. Documentation supporting candidate’s nomination should highlight how candidate has fulfilled the awards selection criteria. For questions or for more information, please contact the PSW office at (608) 827-9200.

You may Email your nomination to PSW.


Candidate’s Name
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Nominator’s name is a required element of a complete nomination. If nominator’s name is the same as candidate’s name, please indicate.

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Distinguished service Award

2019 Dennis Brierton

Past PSW Recipients
2018 Susan Kleppin
2017 Steve Rough
2016 Dan Luce
2015 Greg Weber
2014 Ernie Witzke
2013 David Zilz
2012  Paul Pisarzewicz
2011 Douglas Englebert
2010 Russ Jensen
2009 Susan Sutter
2008 Kathy Hornemann
2007 Tom Thielke
2006 John Bohlman
2005 Mike Dow
2004 Brian Jensen
2003 Art McCourt
2002 John Sutter
2001 Ken Schaefer
2000 Melvin Weinswig
1999 Pamela Ploetz
1998 Larry Boh

Past WPhA Recipients
1997 Jerry Sveum
1996 Richard Krumbiegel
1995 Jim Pogodzinski
1994 Al Grube
1993 Maren Meyer
1992 Jay Rice
1991 Thomas Kies
1990 Gerald Huhn
1989 Norman Berndt
1988 Patrick Collins
1987 Robert Hammel
1986 E. Richard Finger
1985 Richard Streu
1984 Thora Vervoren
1983 Robert Roeschen
1982 Dave Harmon
1981 Robert Schwartz
1980 Peter Morton
1979 Joseph Sowinski
1978 Dell Olszewski
1977 No Award
1976 William Kennedy
1975 John Gunsolley
1974 Richard Henry
1973 Robert Steele
1972 Raymond Jahn
1971 Dale Wurster
1970 D. Jack Myers
1969 August Lemberger
1968 W. Allen Daniels
1967 Gladys Robinson
1966 William Koch
1965 Charles Dahl
1964 Harry Mayer
1963 Edwin Schweger
1962 Douglas Hunt
1961 Sylvester Dretzka
1960 Arthur Uhl

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