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Ambulatory Care Advancement Coaching (ACAC) Series

Looking to enhance or implement ambulatory care practice at your pharmacy? PSW’s Ambulatory Care Advancement Coaching (ACAC) series will provide you customized support and coaching! A series of six interactive workshops (1.5 hours each) will focus on targeted implementation and advancement of ambulatory care practice. Each workshop will be led by practice experts who deliver didactic content followed by facilitated, interactive group discussions. Sessions will assist participants in overcoming barriers and will provide a venue for sharing successes to promote high-quality networking and participant recognition as Ambulatory Care Practice Leaders. Course content will include:

  • Environmental analysis, defining pharmacist role, creation of your action plan
  • Credentialing, privileging, scope of practice, Wisconsin collaborative practice agreements, ensuring initial/on-going competency
  • Billing, metrics, and outcome measures to justify financial sustainability 
  • Practice implementation and overcoming resistance 
  • Outcomes analysis and practice refinement 
  • Business plan for additional resources

Ambulatory Care Practice Leaders will commit to a fast-paced, targeted ambulatory care practice advancement project at their site. The project should be applicable to the practice site and should be a necessary step in the overall process of advancing ambulatory care practice. The scope of the project should be targeted and not too broad. Planned implementation should occur within the first 6-8 weeks of the ACAC series with specific activities to be completed between sessions. Focus on peer-to-peer diffusion and collaborative sharing will be leveraged. This program speeds ambulatory care project implementation and instills the leadership skillset necessary to propel practice advancement into the future. ACAC participants will also have opportunities to share project outcome successes with both pharmacy and non-pharmacy communities after the conclusion of the series. 

Register now to be at the forefront of pharmacist driven ambulatory care practice. The 2018 series will take place at the dates and times posted below.

  • Session 1: Friday, August 24 from 4:00pm-6:00pm (In-person at PSW’s Annual Meeting in Wisconsin Dells. Separate registration is required to attend the other sessions of the Annual Meeting. Click the link above for more information.)
  • Session 2: Wednesday, September 5 from 3:30-5:00pm (Live webinar)
  • Session 3: Wednesday, September 19 from 3:30-5:00pm (Live webinar)
  • Session 4: Wednesday, October 3 from 3:30-5:00pm (Live webinar)
  • Session 5: Wednesday, October 17 from 3:30-5:00pm (Live webinar)
  • Session 6: Wednesday, October 31 from 3:30-5:00pm (Live webinar)  

Registration is $600 for PSW pharmacist members and $750 for all non-pharmacist members, and includes all 6 webinar sessions, 12 hours of pharmacist ACPE credits, and personalized coaching. While the intent of this programming is to provide peer-to-peer diffusion and faculty coaching through live discussions, webinars will be recorded and available to participants who are unable to attend a session and would like to keep on track with the course. Due to the limited number of spaces available in this coaching experience, this programming is non-refundable.

Join ACAC to learn, develop, implement, and spread. 

Activity Overview 
Please read the following information about this continuing pharmacy education (CPE) activity before accessing the presentation using link located at the bottom of this page.

ACPE Activity Number: 0175-0000-17-056-H04-P
Release Date: 09/15/2017
Expiration Date: 09/15/2020
Activity Type: Application
CE Credits: 12 Contact Hours
Activity Fee: $600 for PSW individual members, $750 for non-members

Accreditation for Pharmacists
The Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education as a provider of continuing pharmacy education.

Target Audience
This continuing pharmacy education activity was planned to meet the needs of pharmacists practicing in ambulatory care.

Activity Content
As healthcare moves rapidly towards value and outcome based care, ambulatory care pharmacist practice models are in greater demand than ever before. Limited experience in the field with starting and optimizing ambulatory care pharmacist practice models leads to a need for expedited implementation with coaching and mentorship support to ensure successful, rapid expansion of these models.

The Ambulatory Care Advancement Coaching (ACAC) program is a series of interactive workshops with a focus on targeted implementation and advancement of ambulatory care practice throughout the program. Participants will commit to an ambulatory care implementation or optimization project with specific activities to be completed between sessions. ACAC will also focus on sharing project outcome successes and elevating participants’ work with both pharmacy and non-pharmacy communities through PSW platforms. Peer to peer diffusion and collaborative sharing will be leveraged. This program bridges the gap between current and desired ambulatory care pharmacy practice. 

In this activity, key components of ambulatory care practice implementation and optimization will be reviewed. Specific areas of focus include environmental analysis, defining pharmacist role, credentialing, privileging, scope of practice, collaborative practice agreements, ensuring competency, outcome measures, billing, practice implementation, overcoming resistance, outcomes analysis, practice refinement, and creation of a business plan for resources. The coaches will also provide personalized mentorship to assist participants in planning their ambulatory care advancement projects. 

Learning Objectives
After the conclusion of this application-based educational activity, participants should be able to:

  • Conduct an environmental analysis and create an action plan outlining steps to complete the participant specific practice advancement project
  • Create a Wisconsin based collaborative practice agreement to provide ambulatory care pharmacy services
  • Successfully implement ambulatory care services and measure outcomes to justify sustainability



Ellina S. Seckel, PharmD, BCACP

Andrew Wilcox, PharmD

Disclosure Statement
Faculty reports no financial relationships relevant to this activity.


Registration Deadline is Monday, August 13

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