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Wisconsin Pharmacist Provider Status

Provider Status ensures that pharmacists, with their extensive medication expertise, are recognized as part of the integrated healthcare team. Provider Status will increase access to pharmacist-provided services by ensuring that pharmacists are equitably paid for the patient care services they provide.

Interested in getting involved? Have ideas about how provider status will impact your patient care at your workplace? Got questions about provider status? Email info@pswi.org.

Listen to "What is Wisconsin Pharmacist Provider Status?" on Spreaker.
Jordan Spillane, Director of Ambulatory Pharmacy at Froedtert Health and Julie Bartell, Clinical Pharmacy Manager at SSM Monroe Clinic interview PSW past president and current Provider Status Workgroup member, Nick Olson. In this podcast Nick provides his thoughts on Pharmacist Provider Status in Wisconsin. In his role as PSW President, Nick had the opportunity to see and hear about the need for pharmacists to gain provider status across the state of Wisconsin.