Pharmacy Legislative Action Network (PLAN)
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In order to foster grassroots involvement, PSW has formed PLAN, a network of Wisconsin pharmacy professionals who contact their legislators on crucial health care issues when needed. Its basic function is to let legislators know how a respected and trusted health care professional in their district wants them to vote on an issue.

How Does PLAN Work?

  • Sign up for PLAN on the form to the left.
  • PSW staff will send you an “Action Alert” email when a topic of interest to pharmacy comes up in a proposed policy change. The “Action Alert” includes background information on the issue, as well a letter template that you can send to your elected officials.
  • All you have to do is sign into your PSW account, make any desired changes to the letter (or leave it as is if you prefer), and click send. That’s it! Your email is immediately sent to your elected officials.

Benefits of PLAN

  • Members receive an “Action Alert” when there is a new advocacy campaign that includes background information on the issue.
  • PLAN members are provided a letter template that can be sent to legislators as written, or the member can edit it to make it more personalized.
  • Members do not have to search for who their elected officials are, how to get ahold of them, or which level of government should be contacted regarding an issue – simply sign up, enter your address, and PSW does the rest!