Preceptor Development Series
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Preceptor Development Series

The Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin proudly introduces the PSW Preceptor Development Series, a comprehensive program tailored for preceptors of pharmacy students, pharmacy technician students, and postgraduate pharmacist residents. Four packages aligned with the phases of preceptor development offers curated and carefully selected topics to evoke discussion, optimize experiences and equip preceptors with essential skills and knowledge to enhance their effectiveness and foster learner growth.

  • Skill Enhancement: Focusing on precepting core skills of mentorship, evaluation, feedback, and professional development, each package helps preceptors refine their teaching methods and effectively guide learners.
  • Read-to-Use Curriculum: Structured, high-quality content provides consistent and comprehensive preceptor training making setup and deployment quick and effortless.
  • Alignment with Program Goals: Each package in the series aligns preceptor development standards, ensures high-quality preceptorship and compliance with ongoing professional development standards.

Each engaging and practical module allows preceptors to apply their learning directly in daily interactions with learners. This invaluable resource prepares preceptors to mentor and develop future pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.

There is NO CE offered for this series.

Purchase the individual packages that match the skill development of your team or purchase the package bundle for a special rate! These low introductory rates won’t last forever – get started today!

Purchase the full package or the individual offerings below.

Series Overview

Precepting Package 1 - Precepting 101 (Great for Preceptors in Training)

Topic Areas:

  • Transforming a Teachable Moment
  • New Pharmacy Preceptor Pearls
  • Understanding Student Learning Preferences
  • The Pharmacists' Patient Care Process
  • Setting Expectations
  • Layered Learning
  • Continuing Professional Development
  • The Benefits of Optimizing Introductory Experiences

Precepting Package 2 - Feedback, Projects, and Reflection

Topic Areas:

  • Feedback Models
  • Teaching with Questions
  • Approaches Preceptors to Challenge Learners
  • Facilitating Reflection
  • Optimizing Debriefing
  • Mastering Soft Skills
  • Giving Feedback on Presentations
  • Writing References
  • Research Project Precepting Tips

Precepting Package 3 - Next Level Precepting

Topic Areas:

  • Creating a Positive Environment for Learners
  • Longitudinal Advanced Pharmacy Practice Pearls
  • Advanced Learner Strategies
  • Helping Overconfident Learner
  • Transforming Challenging Learners
  • Generational Learner Strategies
  • Managing Moral Distress
  • Optimizing Virtual Rotation

Precepting Package 4 - Culture, Connection, and Teamwork

Topic Areas:

  • Self-Reflection and Assessing of Precepting Habits
  • Well-being and Mindfulness Integration
  • Preceptor-To-Preceptor Handoffs
  • Managing Preceptor Burnout
  • Topics and Case Discussion Pearls
  • Using Debates to Aid Clinical Teaching
  • Inclusive Precepting
  • Tips for Tackling Social Media

Preceptor Development Full Package

PSW Member Fee $250.00
WPQC Member Fee $250.00
Nonmember Fee $325.00



Precepting Package #1

PSW Member Fee $75.00
WPQC Member Fee $75.00
Nonmember Fee $100.00

Precepting Package #3

PSW Member Fee $75.00
WPQC Member Fee $75.00
Nonmember Fee $100.00

Precepting Package #2

PSW Member Fee $75.00
WPQC Member Fee $75.00
Nonmember Fee $100.00

Precepting Package #4

PSW Member Fee $75.00
WPQC Member Fee $75.00
Nonmember Fee $100.00