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Host a Pharmacy Visit

>One of the best methods of connecting with a legislator about issues facing pharmacy today is to host a visit at your pharmacy. A tour provides the opportunity to show what happens in a pharmacy and how laws affect your pharmacy practice. Hosting a tour is also an excellent way to establish yourself as a resource in your legislator's district.

Before scheduling a tour, please contact PSW's Vice President of Public Affairs, who can assist you in the planning process.

How to Schedule a Tour

  1. Contact PSW's Vice President of Public Affairs, who will help walk you through the scheduling process.
  2. Call your legislator's office to set up a tour. If you don't know who your legislators are, click here and search the pharmacy's address.
  3. You are represented in the Legislature by both a Representative and a Senator. You can invite both or either to attend the tour.
  4. Let PSW's Vice President of Public Affairs know that you have scheduled a tour. PSW can provide issue briefs and informational packets that you can use on the tour.

Hosting a Pharmacy Tour

  1. Don't try to stage the tour. Walking through the everyday workings of a pharmacy is very informative and will give your legislator insight into what pharmacy does for their community.
  2. Set aside some time after the tour for a sit-down discussion about issues facing pharmacy. PSW can assist you in this by providing issue briefs and any necessary background information.
  3. Answer questions the legislator may have. If you don't know the answer, say you'll get back to them. This will help establish you as a resource on pharmacy issues in the district.
  4. After the tour, send a "thank you" note and follow-up on any questions that arose during the tour.