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Health-System Pharmacy Resources

Practice Advancement Initiative (PAI) 2030

What is PAI 2030?

  • The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) created the Practice Advancement Initiative (PAI) to transform how pharmacists care for patients in order to meet the demands of future practice and patient care delivery models.
  • PAI 2030 includes 59 streamlined and updated recommendations to promote optimal, safe, and effective medication use, expand pharmacist and technician roles, and implement the latest technologies.
  • These recommendations are a future-focused set of concepts looking beyond today's barriers to change. This is because our profession is constantly changing. Practice will look much different in the next 5-10 years and PAI ensures we will be prepared for the next phase of pharmacy practice.
  • PAI 2030 themes for change include:
    • Optimize care via pharmacist‑provided comprehensive medication management.
    • Advance pharmacy technician roles.
    • Harness data to improve patient health.
  • The PAI 2030 Self-Assessment Tool was developed to give an accurate depiction of how well your health systems aligns with the PAI 2030 recommendations and can be used to guide and assess progress towards practice advancement.
  • Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin’s Practice Advancement and Leadership Team (PALT) is taking an active role in facilitating the completion of the PAI 2030 self-assessment for the hospitals within the State of Wisconsin.


Who Should Complete the Self-Assessment at your Site?

PALT has compiled a list of best practices to ensure that your response accurately reflects your site’s current practice:

  • Encourage initial survey completion by a resident, learner or manager.
  • Engage representatives from all service areas at your site (inpatient, outpatient (retail, specialty, ambulatory etc., business, pharmacy support services etc.) to get an accurate representation within responses.
  • Consider conducting a working meeting with representatives from all service areas at your site to review survey responses.
  • Complete ONE official survey per hospital site.


PSW’s PAI Goal for Wisconsin

  • PSW’s goal is to achieve 100% self-assessment completion rate across the health-systems in the State of Wisconsin. The goal is for survey completion to be done by Fall 2021 (estimated completion time: 1.5 hours).
  • PSW is partnering with ASHP to collect and review data submitted by Wisconsin health-systems.
  • PSW will then analyze and utilize this data to create tools and resources for Wisconsin pharmacy leaders to utilize and advance pharmacy practice.


Where Can I Go for More Information?

  • A self-assessment tutorial can be found here: PAI 2030 Self-Assessment Tool tutorial.
  • Frequently asked questions are also available here: PAI FAQs.
  • On October 14, PSW Practice Advancement Leadership Team (PALT) members Shannel Gaillard and Robert Lolcoma facilitated a presentation on the ASHP Practice Advancement Initiative (PAI). To learn more about PAI and how to complete the self-assessment, watch this 8-minute recording or view a PDF of the slides.