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Patient care, health care delivery, and the profession of pharmacy are significantly impacted by legislative and regulatory actions at the state and federal level. PSW is committed to representing the profession and empowering members to shape and influence these policies on behalf of their patients and pharmacy practice.

Grassroots Advocacy

Learn how you can get involved with PSW grassroots advocacy initiatives by; signing up for PLAN, knowing who your legislators are, hosting a pharmacy visit, meeting with elected officials, or contributing to the Friends of Pharmacy Fund.

Legislative Awards

Each year, at the PSW Legislative Day, PSW presents Legislative Awards to one Wisconsin State Legislator, one PSW member, and a student representative from each school. 

Wisconsin Pharmacist Provider Status

Provider Status ensures that pharmacists, with their extensive medication expertise, are recognized as part of the integrated healthcare team. Provider Status will increase access to pharmacist-provided services by ensuring that pharmacists are equitably paid for the patient care services they provide.

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