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WPQC Overview

What is WPQC

The Wisconsin Pharmacy Quality Collaborative (WPQC) is a network of accredited pharmacies throughout Wisconsin that are committed to higher standards of medication management, patient education, quality assurance and patient safety. WPQC-certified pharmacists provide medication therapy management (MTM) services such as comprehensive medication reviews to patients.

What is a WPQC Pharmacy?

WPQC endorses auditable “quality-based best practices” which maximize patient safety in the medication use process. Pharmacies are required to have policies and procedures in place for the following quality-based practices:

  1. Performance of a brief medication history on all new patients or patients who fill medications at multiple pharmacies
  2. Consistent verification and documentation of allergies and adverse drug reactions
  3. Implementation of a procedure to check all pediatric prescriptions to ensure the prescribed dose is appropriate for age, weight, and condition
  4. Implementation of a procedure to ensure the correct product is dispensed and that specific patient engagement strategies are utilized for every patient during consultation
  5. Use of at least two unique identifiers for each new prescription order and upon consultation
  6. Implementation of a continuous quality improvement (CQI) program for medication risk management
  7. Establishment and maintenance of standards for communicating and executing Class I drug recalls and necessary actions pertaining to FDA drug safety alerts (Note: this is not the same as FDA’s MedWatch program.)
Please see the Resources section to view the Implementation and WPQC Practices Manuals.


What are the Goals of WPQC?

WPQC aims to establish a uniform set of pharmacist-provided medication therapy management services and a quality credentialing process in Wisconsin through collaboration between third party payers (health plans and employers) and pharmacy providers in the state. The expected results of this health care quality initiative include:

  1. Improved medication use among enrolled patients as evidenced by attaining specific patient care outcomes
  2. Improved patient safety (decreased numbers of medication errors and adverse drug events)
  3. Reduced health care costs for patients and participating payers
  4. Professional recognition and compensation based upon the development and implementation of pharmacy practice services that improve the use and safety of medications


Benefits of Participating in WPQC

By becoming WPQC-certified, pharmacists receive access to a powerful network of resources and experts. Pharmacist members of WPQC are integral to changing the way pharmacy is practiced and recognized. WPQC pharmacists have the opportunity to build stronger professional relationships with their patients and members of the health care team. They will also improve the quality of care offered at their practice site, improve the health outcomes of patients and reduce their health care costs.

WPQC Payers

WPQC payers are insurance companies that reimburse pharmacies for providing covered MTM services, to their members, through this program.

Providers & Patients

The Wisconsin Pharmacy Quality Collaborative is a program created to improve medication use, patient safety, and to reduce health care costs in Wisconsin.

Communication & Updates

Stay up-to-date on WPQC-specific news stories, education, and program updates!

How do I become WPQC Certified?

In order to become WPQC-certified, you will need to complete the home training program. You are expected to thoroughly review, analyze, incorporate and complete the materials contained in the Homestudy. To receive credit for completion of the WPQC Homestudy, you must complete all of the specified activities.

WPQC Certification Training

How do I get Involved?

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