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The Journal

The Journal is an exclusive benefit of the Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin and is mailed to over 4,200 members. PSW members practice in independent community pharmacies, chain pharmacies, long term care pharmacies, hospitals, clinics home infusion pharmacies and managed care companies.

Our subscribers include pharmacists, vendors, students, as well as persons and institutions with a special interest in pharmacy.

The Journal is published bi-monthy, six times a year by the Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin.
See the Media Kit for more details.

Electronic Advertising
Electronic advertising with PSW includes website advertising, website sponsorship, and e-newsletter advertising.

  • Website Advertising - The PSW website is one of the most visited state pharmacy sites on the web, receiving nearly 300,000 page views a month and over 130,000 individual visitors last year. Online ads provide advertisers with a simple and cost-effective way to increase brand awareness and visibility while driving traffic to your website and/or exhibit booth.
  • Website Sponsorship - Want to really stand out from your competition? Become an exclusive sponsor of www.pswi.org. Website sponsorship assists PSW in the continued development and ongoing maintenance of the site for a full calendar year and provides the sponsoring company with visible recognition as the site's sole sponsor. The sponsor receives one year of recognition, which includes the sponsor logo and direct link to the sponsor's website, on every page of the PSW site.
  • E-Newsletter Advertising - PSW distributes e-newsletters that can be selected for advertising. Fast Facts, the most frequent newsletter distributed, is published every Friday morning and captures the week's pharmacy related news. Fast Facts is emailed to over 4,200 pharmacy professionals in Wisconsin and is a perfect venue for time-sensitive advertisements like job openings. Other e-newsletters include LTC Newsline, TechLink, Hospital Leadership, and the WPQC Newsletter.

For full details, please see the Media Kit.

Conference & Event Advertising

  • Program Booklet - At the Annual Meeting and Educational Conference, participants are given a program book that outlines the events and sessions that will occur during the conferences. These publications are a great place to advertise your Exhibit Theater or sponsorship of the conference. This may also be a place to advertise your new product or service.
  • Exhibit Theater - The exhibit theater is a pharmaceutical-industry sponsored program held during the Educational Conference or the Annual Meeting. The sponsor is solely responsible for the content of the program. Continuing education may not be  associated with the program. PSW will provide marketing information to potential registrants about its schedule and venue location.
  • Sponsorship - Exhibitors are invited to sponsor a program, speaker or event at our conferences and events throughout the year.
  • Exhibit - Exhibit at one of our three events that have an exhibit session for pharmacy professional to attend. This includes the Educational Conference, Senior Care Conference, and Annual Meeting.

For more information about Conference and Event sponsoring, please contact Megan Grant.

Career Center
PSW's online Job Network is your gateway to find great pharmacy professionals. Browse our resumes and only pay for the ones that interest you! Or reach the most qualified candidates by posting your job openings and managing your online recruiting efforts. For details and pricing, please see Products and Pricing.

PSW Partner Opportunities
PSW recently introduced their Platinum and Gold Partner opportunities for companies and individuals. The Platinum Partner is exclusive to one company or individual for one year while the Gold Partner opportunity can be purchased by multiple companies. The Platinum Partner opportunity is giving on a first come, first serve basis. If the Platinum opportunity has already been purchased for the year, your company can be put on a waiting list for the following year(s). For a list of level benefits and pricing see the Media Kit or contact Megan Grant

2020 Media Kit

Please contact Megan Grant for more information and custom advertising opportunities. 

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