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Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians Should Obtain CPE Monitor ID
The Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) and the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) have collaborated to develop a new program, called CPE Monitor in which pharmacists and pharmacy technicians can track their CPE credits electronically. This program will eliminate the use of paper statements of credit, will eliminate the need to track CPE credits on paper and will eliminate the need for audits conducted by state boards of pharmacy. Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians will now be able to log in to their e-Profile at www.nabp.pharmacy/programs/cpe-monitor using a unique ID number and access their statements and to track their CPE. In addition, state boards of pharmacy will be able to track CPE completed by pharmacists and pharmacy technicians through the monitoring tool.

ACPE is mandating that all ACPE-accredited providers, including PSW, use this program to distribute CPE credit starting in 2012. As a result, PSW asks that pharmacists and technicians begin to register for CPE Monitor. Pharmacists that register for their CPE Monitor e-Profile number will note that NABP requires a social security number be entered as an identifier prior to issuing a unique ID#. Frequently asked questions about the use of your social security number have been compiled for your review by ACPE. NABP has assured the ACPE Board and CPE providers that they have deployed comprehensive security programs to avoid unauthorized data access.

Please set up your NABP e-Profile and obtain your ID number by clicking here. Once your ID number has been obtained, please submit it to PSW for future CPE credit authentication. You only need to provide it to PSW once.

Please contact PSW with your questions about CPE Monitor.