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Register Your Pharmacy For WPQC

As a member of WPQC, you are integral to changing the way pharmacy is practiced and is recognized. You will build stronger professional relationships with your patients and members of the health care team, enhance the quality of your practice site, improve the health and health outcomes of your patients and will reduce the costs of health care for your patients and the participating health plans.

Before you begin the registration process, you will need to have the following ready:

  • Decide if you would like to support PSW by becoming a Business Support Member
  • NCPDP#
  • Pharmacy NPI#
  • The name of your Corporate Contact
  • The name of your WPQC Champion

Hit the ground running! Follow the guidance in the WPQC Implementation Checklist to help you get started.

WPQC Program Requirements

Accredited pharmacies are expected to:

  • Have policies and procedures in place for WPQC quality-based best practices.  
  • Be active in providing care for beneficiaries of participating network payer(s).
  • Complete software system documentation and billing training as applicable.
  • Have a private or semi-private patient care area accessible for providing comprehensive medication review and assessment services.
  • Engage in WPQC-related communication, and respond to WPQC evaluation and training requests as applicable.
  • Have online and/or up-to-date hardcopy pharmacy information resources available

For more information on pharmacy requirements and implementing the quality-based best practices, see the Implementing the WPQC Quality-Based Best Practices manual.