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WPQC Certification

In order to become WPQC-certified, you will need to complete the home training program. You are expected to thoroughly review, analyze, incorporate and complete the materials contained in the Homestudy. To receive credit for completion of the WPQC Homestudy, you must complete all of the specified activities.

How to become certified:

  1. Register for WPQC by clicking on the Join/Renew your PSW/WPQC Membership button on your profile
    1. Pharmacists: Please have your license number, Individual NPI and CPE Monitor ID
    2. Certified Pharmacy Technicians: CPE Monitor ID Number
  2. Access  the WPQC Homestudy through your PSW member account (click here for step-by-step instructions)
  3. Complete the WPQC Assessment Exam
  4. Complete the WPQC Evaluation
  5. Complete CE credit and obtain your WPQC certificate

After successful completion of all of these steps

  • Your CE credits will be uploaded  to your CPE Monitor Account within 48 hours of completion
  • You will be connected to your affiliated practice site(s) as a WPQC-certified pharmacist/technician
  • PSW will have you added to the approved providers list for the WPQC payers
Implementing WPQC CMR/A Services

Access recordings from previous CMR/A workgroups to learn tips and tricks to implementing CMR/A Services. Content is pharmacist and technician-specific.

APPE Student Training

As a School of Pharmacy APPE student your school may require you to complete the WPQC Homestudy Course and Homestudy Assessment.