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School of Pharmacy APPE Students

As a School of Pharmacy APPE student, your school may require you to complete the WPQC Homestudy Course and Homestudy Assessment. Click here to enroll in WPQC and complete your registration. After registration, you will have access to the WPQC Homestudy materials and can begin your journey to become WPQC-certified. 

For further instructions on how to become WPQC-certified, click here.
If you are an APPE student completing the WPQC Homestudy after March 31 of your graduation year, please call the PSW office at 608-827-9200 for registration instead of following these instructions.


New Graduate Information
Congratulations on your graduation! For information on continuing to participate in WPQC, click here.

Who to Contact:

  • Questions about the WPQC program, training, or resources? Call the PSW office at (608) 827-9200.
  • Questions about billing WI ForwardHealth via the ForwardHealth Portal? Call the ForwardHealth Portal Help Desk: (866) 908-1363.
  • Questions about APPE WPQC Requirements?