Technician Product Verification
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Technician Product Verification

Technician Product Verification (TPV) focuses on improving patient care by expanding technical roles of pharmacy technicians. When technicians take on advanced roles, pharmacists are able to dedicate more time to activities requiring clinical judgment to optimize patient care.

TPV uses technicians to carry out technical tasks not requiring a pharmacist's clinical judgement while pharmacists continue to complete drug utilization reviews and counsel patients. TPV is also referred to as Tech-Check-Tech, Final Product Verification, or Delegate-Check-Delegate. Studies between 1978-2019 support the safety and effectiveness of TPV. As a result of TPV, trained and validated pharmacy technicians (TPV Technician) will complete the task of product verification, assist in decreasing interruptions to the filling workflow, and advance the role of pharmacy technicians. Additionally, TPV will reduce the need for pharmacists to perform the product verification, improve efficiencies in the preparation and delivery of medications, and allow for redeployment of pharmacists’ time to the provision of clinical services and participation in direct patient care activities.

This toolkit, developed by the Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin (PSW), is intended to assist pharmacies with the implementation of TPV under Phar 7 of Wisconsin Administrative Code. The toolkit is designed to provide an overview of the steps and tools for implementing TPV. With the use of this toolkit, PSW aims to assist pharmacies in successfully expanding direct patient care and advancing pharmacy technician roles through the use of TPV.

Information on TPV can be found in Phar 7.21 prior to 1/1/21 and will be renumbered to Phar 7.14 on 1/1/21. The content will remain the same when renumbered.

TPV Toolkit

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