WPQC Resources and Manuals
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WPQC Resources and Manuals 

WPQC Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

The document below is a compilation of the Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to all aspects of the WPQC program. 

WPQC Policies

Below is a list of policies specific to the WPQC program and its activities. Click each link to view policy details.

Quality Assurance Resources

WPQC is committed to ensuring all participating pharmacies adhere to a uniform set of quality standards. These seven quality-based best practices are designed to increase the quality of pharmacy services provided and to maximize patient safety in the medication use process. The WPQC program provides implementation resources for WPQC pharmacy use in the WPQC Implementation and Operations Guide.

Questions about WPQC Quality Assurance? Contact PSW.

Quality-Based Best Practice Resources
Pharmacies are encouraged to edit quality-based best practice implementation tools and documents to accommodate the specific workflow and processes at the practice site. If you have created a useful tool to aid in the compliance of the quality-based best practices, please feel free to share your tool with the WPQC staff.

For Technicians

For many pharmacies, having a thriving MTM practice starts with a great staff and while the pharmacist is responsible for everything that occurs in the pharmacy, he or she cannot do it all. Therefore, pharmacy technicians are relied upon to ensure daily operations run smoothly. WPQC understands the vital role pharmacy technicians play and has customized resources to help advance the role of the pharmacy technician.

WPQC Homestudy Manual

Please login to access the WPQC Homestudy Manuals for Pharmacists and Technicians

Clinical Pocketbook Toolkits

PSW has created 13 pocketbook toolkits for use by a pharmacist when reviewing medication profiles and completing comprehensive medication reviews and assessments (CMR/As). These toolkits are a useful resource when managing these certain disease states in patients.

Implementing the WPQC Quality-Based Best Practices

Implementing the WPQC Quality-Based Best Practices manual is available for all WPQC members to use.

WPQC Marketing Materials

WPQC marketing materials to promote your WPQC practice includes: Outreach and Communications for Pharmacies and Pharmacists, Social Media Marketing, Press Releases, Elevator Speeches, Marketing for Physicians and other Health Care Providers, Marketing to Patients, and WPQC Logo Usage.


Authorization to Release Medical Information Resources

Information contained below can be used to request medical records from specific health systems.