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Worker Well-being

Resource Compendium for Healthcare Worker Well-being
New from the National Academy of Medicine's Action Collaborative on Cinician Well-being and Resilience, this collection of resources highlights strategies and tools that healthcare leaders and workers can use across practice settings to take action toward decreasing burnout and improving clinician well-being. The collection is based on organizational evidence-based and promising best practices for clinician well-being, which ASHP co-authored, and includes a resource developed by the ASHP new practitioners forum, wellness with covid: contagious strategies to promote pharmacy well-being.

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Ted Talks

Academic Resources

Small professional groups may help address workplace isolation, community and professional development among pharmacists, pilot study indicates
Pharmacy times (12/8/21, Gallagher) reports “small professional groups that are supported by department leadership could be one way to address workplace isolation and community and professional development, according to the results of a” pilot study that “targeted pharmacists that were hired within 2 years of the study but were there for at least 6 months.” The findings of the 17-participant study were presented at ashp 2021 Midyear clinical Meeting & Exhibition (virtual). investigators review current treatments.

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Pharmacy Workplace and Well-being Reporting (PWWR) Tool

This anonymous and confidential tool, created by APHA and NASPA, allows you to provide detailed information about pharmacy workplace practices, both positive and negative. the situations that you and your colleagues report will help to tell a collective, powerful story that can spark change and improvement in well-being and patient safety. The results will be aggregated to create a pool of data used to influence and educate pharmacy leaders, government officials, and the public as well asadvance meaningful and actionable changes. PWWR tool found here.

Suicide Awareness Resources