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The Journal is a published professional resource for pharmacists, residents, pharmacy students, and pharmacy technicians in Wisconsin and throughout the United States. There are six issues published each calendar year. Published content includes comprehensive evidence-based medicine reviews, patient-centered improvement initiatives, policy and legislative reviews, and professional development opportunities.

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Sarah Sourm, Executive Vice President & CEO of the Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin, shares her thoughts on topics surrounding Wisconsin pharmacy, practice advancement, personal thoughts, and visions for the future in the "From the CEO" blog. Subscribe today to get the most recent posts sent to your inbox.

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PSW Newsletters

Stay up-to-date on all things Wisconsin pharmacy with PSW newsletters! Here you can find the archives of our weekly FastFacts e-newsletter and, for LTC members only, the Monthly Newsline e-nesletter.

PSW Network

PSW Network was made to collaborate with peers to share best practices, solve challenges and develop new approaches to better care for our patients and advance pharmacy practice in Wisconsin.

PSW Podcasts

PSW Podcasts provide an on-the-go way of learning more about what Wisconsin pharmacists are doing across the state.

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The Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin has a plethora of ways for industry partners to get involved with PSW. Advertising and sponsorship opportunities included:

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