Implementing CMR/A Services
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Implementing WPQC CMR/A Services

Each session below was recorded during pharmacist and technician workgroup sessions in 2022. The recordings are designed for you to choose the topics that interest you or that you feel your site needs more assistance with. Each session is between 30-45 minutes in length.


  1. CMR/A Workflow; Gap Analysis
  2. Identifying, Recruiting & Retaining Patients; Patient Work-up and Assessment Checklists
  3. Prioritizing Problems & Redirecting Conversation; Post-Visit Workflow/Documentation
  4. Providing Recommendations & Building Provider Relationships
  5. DAPO & PA Process (Part 1)
  6. Billing & Post Billing Process (Part 2)


  1. CMR/A Workflow for Technicians; Gap Analysis
  2. Pre-CMR/A Work
    1. Marketing, Patient invitation
    2. Low hanging fruit (BP monitors, Navitus, MA, other companies)
    3. Identify med sync patients to benefit from CMR/A
    4. Techs identifying billing opportunities. Revenue source for pharmacy
  3. Conducting CMR and post-CMR/A workflow
  4. DAPO and PA process
  5. Billing & Post Billing Process