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PSW Business Support Program

The Business Support Program provides PSW critical financial resources needed to address the major challenges facing pharmacy businesses in Wisconsin.

In order to support PSW's efforts to proactively address upcoming pharmacy challenges, help shape the state budget, and cultivate relationships with the current legislature, we need your support. Individual membership dues are insufficient to cover the work necessary for PSW to address the issues confronting pharmacy businesses.

BE INVOLVED in shaping the future of your profession by enrolling your pharmacy location(s) in the Business Support Program. We are confident you will regard your pharmacy's investment as wise and well worth your return.

If you are interested in becoming a Business Support Program Participant, please email us at

Business Support Program Pricing

Membership Type Annual Dues per Pharmacy Location
Retail Pharmacy - Independent, Chain, Clinic, Home Care, LTC $525
Hospital / Health Systems - Less than 100 Beds $525
Hospital / Health Systems - 100 - 300 Beds $1050
Hospital / Health Systems - 300+ Beds $2100

Benefits of Joining

What's in it for you? It is PSW's goal to help both pharmacists and their businesses thrive. Whether your practice is in a community pharmacy or a hospital system, economic prosperity is essential for professional success. 

PSW is here to help your business succeed by:  

  • Advocating for the pharmacy business within the Wisconsin legislature and Pharmacy Examining Board (PEB)
  • Promoting materials designed specifically for pharmacy businesses
  • Developing and expanding initiatives that translate real dollars for your business
  • Advancing quality pharmacy services at the front lines of the pharmacy profession 
  • Supporting work on care transitions between hospitals, community pharmacies, and long term care facilities
  • Communicating on business-specific issues impacting pharmacy including pharmacy laws and regulations, Medicaid, SeniorCare, Medicare Part D, audits and accreditation requirements, pandemic response and more

WPQC Pharmacy Membership

The Wisconsin Pharmacy Quality Collaborative (WPQC) is a network of pharmacies throughout Wisconsin. These pharmacies are committed to higher standards of medication management, patient education, quality assurance and patient safety. WPQC certified pharmacists provide medication therapy management (MTM) services such as comprehensive medication reviews to patients. Click here to learn more about WPQC membership for your pharmacy.