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Governor Evers Signs New Law Expanding Access to Immunizations by Pharmacists
Governor Evers signed a new law that expands the authority for pharmacists and pharmacy students in Wisconsin to immunize patients, including the elimination of the requirement for a vaccination protocol for vaccines listed in the CDC/ACIP immunization schedules. PSW advocated significantly for the law change, which eliminates barriers to providing immunization services by pharmacists and pharmacy students. The bill previously passed both the Wisconsin State Senate and Wisconsin State Assembly unanimously and was supported by Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Medical Society, among others.
Key provisions of the law:
  • Allows pharmacists and pharmacy students to provide immunizations following CDC/ACIP guidelines for patients aged 6 and older (no need for a protocol)
  • For immunizations not following ACIP guidelines, pharmacists and pharmacy students can administer the vaccine pursuant to a prescription order, protocol, or standing order
  • Allows pharmacists to immunize patients under age 6 with a prescription order (prior law did not allow immunization by pharmacists for patients under 6 in any circumstance)
  • Requires all pharmacists to update the Wisconsin Immunization Registry (WIR) within 7 days of administering a vaccine
PSW has developed an FAQ document to answer common questions about this new law. Click here to access the FAQs.
PSW would like to especially thank members Ryan Bender, Franklin “Rocky” LaDien, Thad Schumacher, Mary Hayney, Karen MacKinnon, Stephanie Bondioli, Jerry Pero, and Jenna Gresens for testifying before the legislature on the importance of expanded pharmacist vaccination authority.
Interested in learning more about this new law and expanding immunization access in your community? Consider attending the PSW Immunization Summit on February 26, 2020.  Click here for more information or to register!


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