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Pharmacist-Services Billing Webinar

Ever wonder what billing methods are available to you as a clinical pharmacist? Wonder if you can bring in payments from insurers to help justify your clinical services? This webinar reviews various billing methods available to pharmacists, the different requirements to use each method, and reviews several pros and cons with each. Learn about incident-to billing, facility fee billing, Medicare Annual Wellness Visits, Chronic Care Management, Transitional Care Management, and Diabetes Self-Management Training.

To register and watch on-demand, click here and select “Billing for Pharmacist-Provided Services: Medicare Annual Wellness Visits, Incident to, and more.”

Planning for 2nd Annual Residency Conference Underway

Planning for the 2nd Annual Wisconsin Pharmacy Residency Conference (WPRC) is underway. WPRC 2019 is scheduled for Tuesday, April 9 and Wednesday, April 10 in Madison. Similar to WPRC 2018, WPRC 2019 will feature both a poster session and several presentation sessions scheduled throughout the PSW Educational Conference. Residents will have the opportunity to present a poster in the poster session, a presentation in the presentation session, or both.

The PSW website will be updated with details and resources for residents and programs, and key dates are summarized below:
    •    November 19, 2018 – WPRC program participation commitment survey completion required by one program director
    •    January 15, 2019 – resident abstracts due (note: this is a change from WPRC 2018 to an earlier date in order to facilitate presentation scheduling)
    •    April 9-10, 2019 (Tues/Wed) – PSW Educational Conference/2nd Annual WPRC (note that presenting residents and all preceptors/directors attending will need to register for the conference as a conference attendee)


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