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The Journal of the Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin is a published professional resource for pharmacists, residents, pharmacy students, and pharmacy technicians in Wisconsin and throughout the United States. There are six issues published each calender year. Published content includes comprehensive evidence-based medicine reviews, patient-centered improvement initiatlives, policy and legislative reviews, and professional development opportunities. There are several mechanisms in which readers are encouraged to publish in The Journal. They include but are not limited to: Letters to the Editor, Commentary, literature reviews, quality assurance projects, and practice model improvement efforts. Please direct questions to the author guidelines page on this website or to the The Journal Editor.






The new and improved WPQC registration and training is finally here! Thank you for your patience as this process has taken place. PSW has wiped the WPQC slate clean. All pharmacies and pharmacists interested in participating in WPQC, regardless of past WPQC involvement, should re-enroll in WPQC via our new web-based registration process. (Due to an unexpected web-development issue out of PSW’s control, some pharmacies will need to register via paper application which can be printed from our website. Please follow the instructions on-line and you will be directed to the correct application. Individual pharmacist/technician/student WPQC memberships can all be completed on-line.)

After registration, pharmacists and technicians should work towards becoming WPQC-certified. The PSW website will direct you to which training pieces you need to complete based on your prior level of WPQC participation. Pharmacists, remember you will need your personal NPI number (not your pharmacy’s NPI number) when you register yourself. If you don’t already have one, you may want to apply now as it takes some time to be assigned your number.

Check out the WPQC Pharmacies Map to see which pharmacies are WPQC-Accredited and Certified!


PSW helps prepare pharmacy students for successful careers equipped with the skills to lead our profession into the future. 

PSW gives students many opportunities to become involved. PSW's goal is for students to become leaders in their profession by learning how to network, hearing inspirational stories and finding ways to make a difference.

Wisconsin has two schools of pharmacy and both have their own PSW affiliated student organization: CSPA at Concordia University Wisconsin School of Pharmacy and WSPS at the University of Wisconsin Madison School of Pharmacy. 


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