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Tech-Check-Tech Program

Pharmacy practice took a pioneering step forward when the Wisconsin Pharmacy Examining Board (PEB) approved a community-pharmacy based Tech-Check-Tech pilot program at their board meeting on September 22, 2016.

Tech-Check-Tech (TCT) allows eligible, properly trained, and validated pharmacy technicians to complete the final check of a prescription filled by another technician. By reducing the time a pharmacist spends on completing final checks, pharmacists will be able to redeploy their time away from dispensing and toward direct patient care services, consequently yielding better patient outcomes.

“As the need for quality health care continues to grow, it is imperative community pharmacies take on an expanded role in providing direct patient care services. The people of Wisconsin will benefit from greater access to patient care services created as a result of TCT. The Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin is pleased to partner with community pharmacies to develop successful TCT programs,” said Erica Martin, Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin’s (PSW) Manager of Practice & Population Health Initiatives.

PSW received a grant from the National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS) to support community pharmacies participating in the TCT pilot and to conduct a study, “Advancing Community Pharmacy Quality – A Wisconsin Statewide Research Pilot Project.” The study will assess the impact of the TCT program on patient safety and measure pharmacist-provided services that are provided in lieu of completing final medication checks.

Certification Training

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