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Nomination for the Interdisciplinary Care Partner Award

The PSW INTERDISCIPLINARY CARE PARTNER is an individual, group of individuals, or organization who has recognized the value of pharmacy professionals in having a positive impact on patient care. The Partner has positively interacted with pharmacy professionals and has regularly promoted their presence and active participation in the delivery of patient care through their involvement with interdisciplinary care teams and/or their role as the best provider of a given task/service. The award may be granted at the PSW Annual Meeting.


  1. Demonstration of collaboration with the health care team (i.e. working relationships with peers and other health professionals to ensure efficient, quality pharmaceutical service).
  2. Promotes the profession of pharmacy resulting in improved patient care and/or advancement of the profession of pharmacy
  3. Demonstration of improving patient care. via safe and appropriate use of medications and/or pharmacy services


Any non-pharmacy* professional   who has interacted with pharmacy professionals and has regularly promoted their presence and active participation in the delivery of patient care.

(* a pharmacist, pharmacy technician, school of pharmacy employee, PSW employee, etc. are considered pharmacy professionals and are NOT eligible for this award)


Recipient of this award receives an engraved display piece, recognition in The Journal and at the Annual Awards Banquet.


All nominations must be fully completed and submitted to PSW by the nomination deadline in order for the nominee to be considered as a candidate for the award. All incomplete nominations will be returned to the nominator for re-submission. Nominations postmarked or date stamped after the nomination deadline will not qualify for consideration until the following year. To complete the nomination, please submit at least one letter of support outlining the candidate’s qualifications for nomination by June 1st. Each qualified nomination will be evaluated based on the award’s selection criteria. Documentation supporting candidate’s nomination should highlight how candidate has fulfilled the awards selection criteria. For questions or for more information, please contact the PSW office at (608)- 827-9200.

You may email your nomination to PSW.

Include (name, demographics, etc.)

Interdisciplinary Care Partner Award

The first recipient of this award will be recognized at the 2019 PSW Annual Meeting, September 12-14 in Green Bay, WI. 

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