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PACC 2019 Strategic Priorities

  1. Design a Sustainable Medication Adherence Training Program with the 3 Schools of Pharmacy in Wisconsin
  2. Develop a Medication Adherence Credentialing Program
  3. Disseminate Medication Adherence Information to Healthcare Professionals and the Public

PACC Credentialing Program

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Call Date Topic/Objectives Online Module(s) / Handout(s) Call Discussion Points
April 24 - Week 1 Describe medication non-adherence in patient care

A. Review: Medication Adherence- Medication Adherence- If only Medication adherence was easy

B. Review: Pharmacist’s Evolving Role: Encompassing Medication Adherence

C. Handout: Adherence Mnemonics

Session 1

A. Handout: Intervention Tracking Form

B. Review of Adherence Toolkit
May 15 - Week 2 Identify risk factors that are strong predictors of medication non-adherence

A. Review: Social Determinants of Health Introduction

B. Review: Using Motivational Interviewing to Improve Medication Adherence

C. Handout: Financial Barriers to Adherence (scroll down to bottom left of page)

D. Handout: Example Reasons for Medication Non-Adherence

E. Videos: Scenario 1: https://vimeo.com/263546826 (Password: 1)

Scenario 2: https://vimeo.com/263797246 (Password: 2)

Session 2

A. Handout: Medication Adherence Assessment Structure

B. Handout: Address & Assess in 5 minutes
June 5 - Week 3 Employ interventions to increase medication adherence

A. Review: Appointment Based Model: Improve Patient Adherence and Vaccination Rates in 20 Minutes or Less!

B. Review: Incorporating Adherence Interventions into Daily Practice

C. Video: Scenario 3: https://vimeo.com/266907332 (Password: 3)

Session 3

A. Handout: Medication Adherence Technology

B. Handout: Solve & Involve

C. Handout: Adherence Documentation

D. Handout: Follow-Up

E. Creating processes and site specific resources to help with adherence


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