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Barriers to Recall Competency Assessment/Solutions

Use key questions to identify recall barriers to adherence as applicable:
  • How often do you forget to take your medication(s), or forget whether you have taken your dose(s) that day?
  • Are there some medications, such as eye drops, that you forget to take more often than others?
  • Is it more difficult to remember to take medications at a certain time of the day, such as before lunch or in the evening?
  • What tools or prompts do you use to help you remember to take your medication(s)?

Identify recall barriers due to convenience and medication schedule through key questions if applicable:
  • Could you describe your daily medication routine?
  • How often do you feel overwhelmed because of the number of medications you take?

Recommend solutions to recall barriers as applicable:
  • Consolidate medications into combination dosage forms
  • Discontinue unnecessary medications
  • Use bottle size, colored dots, or pictures to differentiate administration needs
  • Initiate unit of use packaging/compliance packaging
  • Provide clear medication box
  • Store medications in a single location
  • Phone/watch alarms, email, or text message alerts
  • Schedule medication with regular activities
  • Refill service with reminder telephone call
  • Personalized medication schedules or calendars
  • Ask family members to assist in medication recall
  • Recommends websites to assist in recall barriers

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