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Miranda Peek

I have been an inpatient pharmacy technician for almost 14 years. During this time I have completed a Human Resource Associates degree, Bachelors in Organizational Management, and currently pursuing a MBA in Healthcare Management. My dedication to pharmacy has provided advancement within the Pharmacy, allowing me to experience a variety of technician roles. Currently I am the Clinical Manager for Pharmacy Support Staff. In this role, I have been involved in the onboarding of Lead Technician specific roles along with growing other advanced technicians roles; Pyxis Technician, Purchasing Technician and Diversion and Billing Technician. I have worked closely with Lakeshore Technician Program as a preceptor and preceptor for Project Search Intern Program, focusing on inclusion within the workforce. I am an active team member of our implementation of an ASHP/ACPE Technician Accreditation Program and creating a technician career ladder. I have led the implementation of Tech-check-Tech and Technician Med Histories programs. I am the lead for diversion monitoring at Gundersen and also an active member of several community tasks forces focusing on the Opioid Crisis. As the PSW Regional B Director for the Technician Board, I am passionate about my role to help advance and advocate technicians across Wisconsin. 


Shelby Van Engel

My name is Shelby Van Engel.I am a Certified Pharmacy Technician, and Assistant Manager of O’Connell Pharmacy Long Term Care (Sun Prairie).I live in Waterloo with my husband, son, and dog.In my free time I enjoy camping, fishing, hunting, and being outdoors with my family!I started working at the pharmacy when I was 15.I have now been with O’Connell Pharmacy for ten years, and certified for almost six.I would be a valuable addition to the Pharmacy Technician Board because I started out working as a Retail Pharmacy Technician, and as our company grew I was able to work my up to a Long Term Care Technician, and then to Assistant Manager.I was able to experience what goes into starting and operating a Long Term Care Pharmacy.I feel with my experience in both Retail and Long Term Care I will be a valuable voice for both types of technicians, especially Long Term Care Technicians who aren’t currently represented on the board at this time.I appreciate and am excited for this opportunity, and hope that I am able to share my knowledge and experience with the board of technicians for years to come.

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Distinguished Technician of the Year Award

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Requirements for Recertification with PTCB

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