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PTCB Requirements for Recertification

For official information about PTCB requirements for recertification, please visit the PTCB website.

To meet the 20 hours of continuing education (CE) needed for recertification, PTCB certified pharmacy technicians (CPhTs) must complete at least one hour of CE in patient safety and one hour of CE in law. Qualifying patient safety and law CE courses must be based on the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) definitions. In addition, pharmacy technicians should identify technician-specific, or "T-specific", educational programs. 
For courses provided by ACPE accredited providers like PSW, pharmacy technicians can identify specific CE topics by reviewing the program's ACPE Universal Activity Number (UAN). 
For example...

UAN: 0175-0000-14-105-L05-T

0175 - PSW's provider number
0000 - Program organized by PSW (if another group organizes, a 9999 is used)
14 - Year of program release
105 - Chronological number specific to program (800 series numbers indicate WPQC approved)
L - Live program (home study programs are noted with an H)
05 - Patient safety topic (01 is drug therapy; 02 is AIDS therapy; 03 is law; 04 is general pharmacy)
T - Program approved for pharmacy technicians (programs for pharmacists are noted with a P)

Please contact PTCB or PSW with your questions.

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