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2016-2017 Project Focus

Pharmacy Technician Workforce Survey
Members: Ryan Craynon, Erick Siegenthaler, Kristen Gray, Kristen O'Reilly, and Shiny Parsai
Purpose: To obtain a better understanding of Wisconsin's Pharmacy technician workforce demographics.
Deliverables: Workforce Analysis: Understanding the Pharmacy Technicians of Wisconsin




Pharmacy Technician Recruitment and Retention 
Members: Christian Holm, Jinhee Park, Trisha Pedone, Kristen Widmer, and Courtney Putz
To provide information and clarify to decrease ambiguity that HR departments have on technician roles.
Deliverables: Perspective Differences on Pharmacy Technician Recruitment and Retention from Pharmacy and Human Resources Leadership

Fast Facts Series

National Analysis of Technician Certification and Licensure
Jim Langley, Natalie Matthews, Rachel Nass, and Tom Pierson
To investigate other states' certification/licensure requirements for pharmacy technicians as well as the pros/cons for each.
Position Paper on Pharmacy Technician Advancement, Regulation, Certification, and Licensure

Advancement of Ambulatory Tech-Check-Tech
Members: Erica Martin, Dan Schenkat, Alyssa Billmeyer, Jevon Oliver, and Lauren Putterman
To support the efforts of ambulatory TCT expansion in Wisconsin.
Institutional Tech-Check-Tech Toolkit
Community Tech-Check-Tech Toolkit
Community Tech-Check-Tech Training Modules
Community TCT Service Expansion Resources compendium (http://www.pswi.org/Education/Tech-Check-Tech-Program/TCT-Resources)

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2016-2017 Project Focus


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