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2018-2019 Project Focus

Opioid Stewardship
Members: Javon Artis, Tresa Binek (PGY2 Lead), Emily Bollom, Eric Chmielewski, Marilyn Gaske (PGY1 Lead), Brandon Harkonen, Marshall Johnson, Margaret Lundholm, Taylor MacKinnon, Erica Martin (PSW)
Objectives: 1) Provide pharmacists with an up-to-date, concise information resources on pain management. 2) Provide pharmacists with guidance and tools to help them implement or improve opioid stewardship activities within their practice sites.
Anticipated Deliverables: 1) Revise and update PSW Pain Management Pocket Guide. 2) Create Opioid Stewardship Guide/Toolkit for Pharmacists. 3) Present at PSW Educational Conference.


Leadership Development/Credentialing and Privileging
Members: Chad Colwell, Ryan Hannan, Adam Henn (PGY1 Lead), Amanda Lyon, Mazen Samadi, Katherine Sencion, Melissa Shively (PGY2 Lead), Dmitry Walker
Objectives: 1) Enhance new pharmacist and student leadership development. 2) Promote health system pharmacy administration and other residency programs. 3) Stimulate conversation surrounding credentialing and privileging for WI pharmacists.
Anticipated Deliverables: 1) Leadership webinar series for pharmacy students and new pharmacists. 2) Leadership development networking session at the PSW Educational Conference. 3) Discussion at state-wide event following testimony from pharmacy leaders who have implemented or are in the process of implementing credentialing and privileging at their practice site.

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2018-2019 Project Focus


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