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Things are constantly changing as WPQC evolves into a national leader of MTM service delivery! Below are ways you can keep up-to-date with the latest and greatest information from WPQC.

WPQC e-Newsletters

WPQC publishes an e-newsletter which contains information related to program, payer, and health information technology partner news. This is where the important messages are communicated to all participants. Members, to access past issues, click here. (Make sure you are logged in!)

WPQC Webinars

WPQC sometimes presents information designed to help WPQC members implement and deliver WPQC services. Webinar topics range from important program and payer updates to clinical information, allowing participants to enhance their understanding of MTM in a convenient way. Members, to view a past WPQC Webinar, please click here. (Make sure you are logged in!)

WPQC Forum

Forums are a way to share comments and questions with others. Join pharmacy practitioners who have a common interest in WPQC by engaging in the WPQC Forum. Members, click here to view the forum. (Make sure you are logged in!)

WPQC Journal Articles

The Journal of the Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin showcases updates and clinical content connected to the WPQC Program. Members, click here to view the article archive. (Make sure you are logged in!)


WPQC In The News

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