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The Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin publishes weekly, monthly, special bulletins to keep their members up-to-date with issues occurring within the pharmacy profession on a state, national and global level.

The Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin publishes a few e-newsletters in addition to the Journal of the Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin

  • Fast Facts e-newsletter which is distributed weekly to all PSW members
  • Newsline e-newsletter focusing on senior care pharmacy and is distributed monthly to Long Term Care Section members of PSW
  • TechLink e-newsletter is published four times a year and distributed to Technician Section members of PSW
  • Legislative e-newsletter published six times a year and delivered to all PSW members

Other communication resources Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin utilizes are press releases, directories, brochures, video, website and advertising throughout these resources. If you have questions, feedback, input, or want to get involved on any of PSW communication listed above, please contact the Manager of Publications and Communications.

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