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PSW Adherence Competence Collaborative (PACC)

With many different movements to advance pharmacy practice and the expansion of pharmacists into new practice areas it is increasingly important for pharmacists to be able to document, through formal credentialing and privileging processes, that their knowledge and abilities align with their scope of practice. This change begs the question whether or not traditional continuing education (CE) is sufficient to support the expansion of pharmacists' responsibilities. While traditional CE may introduce pertinent topics to pharmacist and provide superficial knowledge, these programs focus more on credit hours completed than on outcomes pertinent to pharmacy practice. Deliberate practice is an alternative to traditional CE that is centered around a well-defined goal, immediate and informative feedback and focused repetition from a motivated leader. Deliberate practice helps individuals identify specific area of improvement and actively work towards improving these areas. Though there is a growing body of evidence to support the advantage of deliberate practice in health care education, CE remains the primary method by which health care professionals stay current with evolving knowledge and practice.

To address the challenge of defining and achieving core competencies for the expanding role of Wisconsin pharmacists, the Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin partnered with program directors and residents of the PGY1 and PGY2 pharmacy residencies from across the state to form the PSW Adherence Competence Collaborative.

To get involved, contact Dave Hager or Kate Schaafsma.


Empowered by resident and PSW collaboration, Wisconsin pharmacists will improve health through competently ensuring medication adherence 


Wisconsin will have the most adherence patients to their medication regimens in the nation 

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