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The PSW Facebook page highlights various events, supports public outreach efforts, publications such as The Journal and other items of interest to pharmacists and technicians. We encourage our members' to share news, interact and answer questions, compete in friendly competitions and tag people in the photos. Please see the link above to become part of the PSW Facebook Page or go to www.facebook.com/pswi.org


The PSW Twitter page highlights various events, supports public outreach efforts, and interaction with our members in a different media. We encourage you to interact with us @PSWpharmacists!


The PSW LinkedIn page provides an additional way to interact with other members. This page is restricted to PSW members only and is a private, professional group. We encourage you to interact with other PSW members in this group, please click on the LinkedIn icon above to get started today.


The PSW YouTube page is just getting started. It is a way to view videos that PSW posts in regards to the PSW events, about PSW and more. Please click on the icon above to view the YouTube page.


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