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If you would like to register for the 2020 Virtual Educational Conference, please go to the ONLINE CE page and register there. 

2020 Educational Conference - Moving Virtual

PSW has come to the difficult decision, with the support of the PSW Board of Directors, to cancel the in-person offering of the PSW Educational Conference and Wisconsin Pharmacy Residency Conference and to move conference offerings online.


We have made this decision in the context of continued concerns about COVID-19, the critical public health role played by pharmacists, and knowing many organizations have implemented travel and conference attendance restrictions.

Click here to view the full member communication.

Content Moving Online!
Over the coming weeks, PSW will be transitioning the Educational Conference content to a virtual/on-demand format. Our staff is reaching out to speakers to schedule recording times and content will be placed in our easy-to-use online CE system.
On-demand beginning April 2
Educational Conference programming on leadership development, clinical updates, toolkits, well-being, and management topics will be available on-demand online beginning April 2.
If you are currently registered for the conference (either one-day or full registration):
  • You will automatically be transitioned to a virtual conference registrant and you will receive information about access to the online content.
  • Virtual conference registrants will have access to almost all CE content that had been scheduled for the Monona Terrace. Bonus: There will no longer be session timing conflicts and those previously registered for one day will have full conference access.
  • CE can be viewed on-demand anytime in the next three years and credit can be claimed as you go!
To Request a Full Refund
If you had registered for the conference and are NOT interested in virtual/online conference participation, PSW will issue a conference registration refund for the full amount paid. To request a full refund, please email kays@pswi.org no later than March 25.
Register for Virtual Access
  • If you are already registered for the Educational Conference, you will automatically be transitioned to a virtual conference registrant and you will receive information about access to online content. No action is needed right now.
  • If you haven't yet registered and would like to register for virtual content, click here to register for the Virtual Educational Conference. Online registrations will be accepted through March 31.


Session Information

More information including WPRC abstracts, Educational Conference presentations, speaker information, learning objectives and more can be found on the PSW app!

Below is a list of the VIRTUAL Educational Conference Sessions that will be available. Pharmacists will be able to claim up to 17 hours/1.7 CEU and Pharmacy Technicians will be able to claim up to 15 hours/1.5 CEU. 

Session TItle ACPE Information
2019 Beers List, Deprescribing and Important Medication Considerations for Older Adults: A Toolkit Session 0175-0000-20-032-H01-P,T (1 hour/0.1 CEU)
Calcitonin Gene-related Peptide (CGRP) Receptor Antagonists: New Options in Migraine Care 0175-0000-20-036-H01-P (1 hour/0.1 CEU)
Cultivating Beloved Communities for Patients and Healthcare Teams in Practice 0175-0000-20-022-H04-P,T (1 hour/0.1 CEU)
Engaging in Advocacy for Your Profession 0175-0000-20-031-H03-P,T (1 hour/0.1 CEU)
Healthy Recommendations for Adults Pocketbook Toolkit: A Case-Based Introduction 0175-0000-20-040-H01-P,T (1 hour/0.1 CEU)
Improving the Care of COPD Patients using the 2020 COPD Pocket Toolkit 0175-0000-20-028-H01-P (1 hour/0.1 CEU)
Medication Safety Spotlight: Controlled Substance Diversion & Technology 0175-0000-20-041-H05-P,T (1 hour/0.1 CEU)

Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction: Changing Our Perspectives and Approaching Life/Work "Balance" with a Healthier Attitude

0175-0000-20-039-H04-P,T (1 hour/0.1 CEU)
Navigating Challenging Situations for Technicians: Fostering Positive Working Relationships 0175-0000-20-037-H04-T (1 hour/0.1 CEU)
Not the Usual Suspects: OTC Drugs of Abuse 0175-0000-20-033-H01-P,T (1 hour/0.1 CEU)
Pediatrics: Vaccinations, Administration Techniques, and Considerations 0175-0000-20-014-H06-P,T (1 hour/0.1 CEU)
PSW Membership Briefing 0175-0000-20-024-H04-P,T (1 hour/0.1 CEU)
Self-care in Healthcare: Focusing on Well-being for Providers 0175-0000-20-035-H04-P,T (1 hour/0.1 CEU)
Shining a Light on Lived Experience: Taking the Stigma Out of Addressing Opioid Stewardship ACPE # 0175-0000-20-051-L08-P,T (1 hour/0.1 CEU)
Tai Chi: A Pharmacy Resource to Reduce Falls and Promote Wellness
0175-0000-20-030-H04-P,T (1 hour/0.1 CEU)
Trust in the Time of Twitter: Connecting with Patients and Public Health using Social Media and Digital Innovation 0175-0000-20-023-H04-P,T (1 hour/0.1 CEU)
USP <800> Moving Forward 0175-0000-20-042-H03-P,T (1 hour/0.1 CEU)
Vancomycin Pharmacokinetic Management: Will We Ever Figure it Out? 0175-0000-20-038-H01-P (1 hour/0.1 CEU)


Below are the times and sessions for the LIVE Wisconsin Pharmacy Residency Conference on April 2-3.  Webinar and call-in information will be provided to paid Educational Conference attendees. Pharmacists may earn up to 11 hours/1.1 CEU and Pharmacy Technicians may earn up to 8 hours/0.8 CEU of CE credit.

Time WRPC Session ACPE Information
Thursday, April 2
 8:00 - 9:00 am Session 1K - Practice Management - Red Line 0175-0000-20-064-L04-P,T (1 hour/0.1 CEU)
Session 1B - Substance Use Disorder - Yellow Line 0175-0000-20-065-L08-P (1 hour/0.1 CEU)
Session 1M - Rheumatology - Blue Line 0175-0000-20-066-L01-P (1 hour/0.1 CEU)
Session 1F - Alcohol Withdrawal - Pink Line 0175-0000-20-067-L01-P (1 hour/0.1 CEU)
9:30 - 10:30 am Session 1P - Heparin - Red Line 0175-0000-20-068-L05-P (1 hour/0.1 CEU)
Session 1Q - Antimicrobial Stewardship - Yellow Line 0175-0000-20-069-L01-P (1 hour/0.1 CEU)
Session 1R - Leveraging Technicians - Blue Line 0175-0000-20-070-L04-P,T (1 hour/0.1 CEU)
Session 2K - Practice Management - Pink Line 0175-0000-20-071-L04-P,T (1 hour/0.1 CEU)
11:00 am - 12:00 pm Session 2M - Practice Management - Red Line 0175-0000-20-072-L04-P,T (1 hour/0.1 CEU)
Session 2P - Alert Systems - Yellow Line 0175-0000-20-073-L05-P,T (1 hour/0.1 CEU)
Session 2Q - PPI & Inapropriate Med Use - Blue Line 0175-0000-20-074-L05-P (1 hour/0.1 CEU)
Session 2R - Anticoagulation - Pink Line 0175-0000-20-075-L05-P (1 hour/0.1 CEU)
12:30 - 1:30 pm WPRC Star Research Podium Session - Advances in Pharmacy Practice - Red Line 0175-0000-20-059-L01-P (1 hour/0.1 CEU)
WPRC Star Research Podium Session - Ambulatory Care - Yellow Line 0175-0000-20-057-L01-P (1 hour/0.1 CEU)
WPRC Star Research Podium Session - Challenges in Clinical Practice - Blue Line 0175-0000-20-058-L01-P (1 hour/0.1 CEU)
WPRC Star Research Podium Session - Optimizing Operations - Pink Line 0175-0000-20-056-L04-P,T (1 hour/0.1 CEU)
2:00 - 3:30 pm Session 3E - Infectious Diseases (UTI) - Red Line 0175-0000-20-077-L01-P (1 hour/0.1 CEU)
Session 3M - Anticoagulation/Opioid - Yellow Line 0175-0000-20-078-L08-P (1 hour/0.1 CEU)
Session 3F - Ambulatory Care Diabetes - Blue Line 0175-0000-20-079-L01-P (1 hour/0.1 CEU)
Session 3P - Tobacco Cessation & COPD - Pink Line 0175-0000-20-080-L01-P (1 hour/0.1 CEU)
4:00 - 5:30 pm Session 3Q - Emergency Department - Pink Line 0175-0000-20-081-L01-P (1 hour/0.1 CEU)
Session 3K - Oncology/Infectious Disease - Yellow Line 0175-0000-20-076-L01-P (1 hour/0.1 CEU)
Session 3R - Miscellaneous- Blue Line 0175-0000-20-082-L04-P (1 hour/0.1 CEU)
5:30 - 6:30 pm Emerging Leader Networking Session - Red Line No CE aviailable


Friday, April 3

8:00 - 9:00 am Session 4K - Inpatient Glycemia Management - Orange Line  0175-0000-20-083-L05-P (1 hour/0.1 CEU)
Session 4L - Practice Management - Green Line 0175-0000-20-084-L04-P,T (1 hour/0.1 CEU)
Session 4M - Dashboard / Data Mining - Purple Line 0175-0000-20-085-L04-P,T (1 hour/0.1 CEU)
Session 4P - Discharge & Telephone Education - Black Line 0175-0000-20-086-L04-P (1 hour/0.1 CEU)
9:30 - 10:30 am Session 4Q - Miscellaneous - Orange Line 0175-0000-20-087-L04-P (1 hour/0.1 CEU)
Session 4R - ICU Care - Green Line 0175-0000-20-088-L01-P (1 hour/0.1 CEU)
Session 5k - Med Sync & Rx Fill Rates - Purple Line 0175-0000-20-089-L04-P,T (1 hour/0.1 CEU)
Session 5M - Ambulatory Care / Miscellaneous - Black Line 0175-0000-20-090-L04-P (1 hour/0.1 CEU)
11:00 am - 12:00 pm Session 5E - Antimicrobial Stewardship (PNA & UTI) - Orange Line 0175-0000-20-091-L01-P (1 hour/0.1 CEU)
Session 5P - Practice Management - Green Line 0175-0000-20-092-L04-P,T (1 hour/0.1 CEU)
Session 5Q - Inpatient Diabetes Management - Purple Line 0175-0000-20-093-L01-P (1 hour/0.1 CEU)
Session 5R - Med Safety - Black Line 0175-0000-20-094-L05-P,T (1 hour/0.1 CEU)
12:30 - 1:30 pm Session 6K - Oncology - Orange Line 0175-0000-20-095-L01-P (1 hour/0.1 CEU)
Session 6L - Practice Management - Green Line 0175-0000-20-096-L04-P,T (1 hour/0.1 CEU)
Session 6Q  - Outpatient Antimicrobial Stewardship - Purple Line 0175-0000-20-098-L01-P,T (1 hour/0.1 CEU)
Session 6P - Specialty Med Management - Black Line 0175-0000-20-097-L01-P,T (1 hour/0.1 CEU)
2:00 - 3:00 pm Session 6R - Ambulatory Care / Miscellaneous - Purple Line 0175-0000-20-099-L04-P (1 hour/0.1 CEU)
Session 6E - Ambulatory Care / Anticoagulation - DOAC - Green Line 0175-0000-20-100-L01-P (1 hour/0.1 CEU)



Virtual Conference Fees

Member Type Price
PSW Pharmacist Member $305
Pharmacist Non-Member $425
PSW Tech Member $115
 Tech Non-Member $180
Pharmacy Student $110
Resident/Grad Students $195
Resident/Grad Non-Member $275

 *Residents/Grad students must call the PSW office to recieve the above pricing.

Additional Information

Click here to download the PDF registration form.

Click here to download the PSW App. Don't have a mobile device, use the PSW Web App.


Due to the in-person cancellation of the PSW Educational Conference, Pharm to Tables is asking for online donations. Please consider supporting this great organization.

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