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Smartphone Apps for Medication Adherence

Figure 1. Process for Selecting a Smart Phone App for Your Patient Figure 2. Selecting a Free App for the Iphone
Figure 3. Selecting a Free App for the Android Figure 4. Process for Selecting an Electronic Device for Your Patient

Table 1. Smartphone apps for medication adherence on the Google Android and Apple iOS platforms





Care4Today Connect


Both Free
  • Delivers medication, medication refill, and appointment reminders
  • Measures and tracks progress to make sure you’re on track to meet health and wellness goals (e.g., assessing eating habits and nutrition, activity trackers, identifying trending in blood glucose)
  • Enables you to share graphs and trends on self-reported data with health care provider
  • Requires registration/login with email address




Free (upgrade to the Pro Edition for $2.99/month)

  • Offers customizable dose amounts and instructions for multiple patients
  • Tracks notes for each drug, such as what the drug is for and what side effects to watch out for
  • Allows reminder to be postponed before or after they appear
  • “Smart Silencing” feature so there are no unwanted alarms
  • Tracks dose history and adherence, provides refill alerts, shares information with provider and pharmacy

Mango Health




  • Records timing and dosing for medications and supplements with personal health journal
  • Features a diary to keep track of medications and healthy habits (e.g., diet, exercise, water intake, blood pressure, blood glucose, mood)
  • Offers reminder alerts, including notifications of potential interactions with medications, food, or drink
  • Allows users to earn points for real-world rewards (e.g., from Target)

MediSafe - Pill & Med Reminder




  • Can be integrated with HealthKit app (iPhone) to keep track of blood glucose, blood pressure, and weight; reports can be saved as PDFs
  • Synchronizes information to a “family pillbox”, allowing you to manage entire family from one account
  • Shares information with family, friends, and caregivers (if you so choose) by alerting them as to whether or not you took your medication  
  • Shows daily medication list that can be checked off throughout the day
  • Offers fun alerts tones to remind you to take your medications 

Medi-Prompt med reminder



  • Offers dynamic scheduling with maximum or minimum daily doses
  • Works with multiple patients and multiple medications; includes password protection
  • Offers scheduled or ad-hoc doses, calculated doses, regular intervals, or combinations

MyMedSchedule Plus




  • Provides daily reminders and records response from patient or caregiver to track adherence
  • Add custom photos of medication and notes
  • Can create separate profile for each family member so you can help manage medications for your loved ones
  • If health care provider uses MedActionPlan PRO, they can send updates to medication schedule direct through MyMed Schedule Plus
  • Requires registration/login with email address





  • Tracks medication history, allergies, and immunizations for entire family with customizable reminders
  • Shares information with pharmacist and primary provider and locates nearby pharmacies
  • Requires registration/login with email address

PillMonitor Pro

Both $0.99
  • Schedules reminder time, repeat date, and dosage with photos, notes, and history for each medication
  • Shares medication list and history to primary care provider via e-mail

RxCase Minder




  • Stores information about multiple patients, caregivers, pharmacists, and primary care providers
  • Available in Spanish

Table 2. Electronic Medication Adherence Tools




 Medication Watch:

  • Discreet (vibration) or sounding alarms available
  • Able to program up to 12 alarms daily

 Pill Box Timer:

  • 7X4 detachable pill box
  • Attached timer with up to 4 visual and beeping alarms
  • Missed pill indicator
  • alarm auto-resets at midnight each day
  • able to be mounted on a wall

 Pill-bottle Alarm Reminder:

  • Last opened indicator (time stamp and day stamp)
  • Up to 24 daily alarms available
  • Automatic alarm reset at midnight



  • 29-compartment tray
  • Can dispense up to 6 times daily
  • Early dose feature
  • Alarm/blinking light associated with dispensing times
  • Tamperproof lock
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