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Building a Business Case

Decision Tool: Tackling Transitions of Care: A Pharmacy Department Guide
Use this decision tool (place in presentation mode) as a step-by-step consideration of how to tackle expanded pharmacy services in improving transitions of care within your health-system. A video with instructions on how to use the guide is included below.
Draft Business Plan - Guidance Tool This guidance tool has been created to help write a business plan to justify pharmacy department involvement in transitions of care services. Information included may or may not be applicable to your site or specific service you are working to implement, thus personalization to your site and service will be required.

Ideal steps to using this tool are as follows:
  1. Use the decision tool to determine which transition of care services your department is best positioned to focus on
  2. Fill in this business plan with information applicable to your site and service
  3. Utilize the SWOT analysis template embedded in Appendix A to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats
  4. Utilize the ROI tool embedded in Appendix B to perform your financial analysis
  5. Present to stakeholders
  6. PSW offers support throughout this process and encourages you to contact Sarah Sorum to be assigned a mentor to assist you
  7. Good luck! 

Elevator Speech
This template "elevator speech" can be customized to "sell" pharmacy involvement in transition of care services to senior leadership. Components of a quality "elevator speech" include:
  • Prepare
  • Pitch
  • Persuade
  • Close
  • Follow-up

Additional Resources

Toolkit Table of Contents

Business Case ResourcesBusiness Case Resources

Business Case Resources

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Discharge Medication Reconciliation

Discharge Patient EducationDischarge Patient Education

Discharge Patient Education

Discharge Prescription ManagementDischarge Prescription Management

Discharge Prescription Management

Follow-up CommunicationFollow-up Communication

Follow-up Communication

Pharmacy Hand off CommunicationPharmacy Hand off Communication

Pharmacy Hand off Communication



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