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Pharmacists are a part of your care everywhere; in hospitals, clinics, and community pharmacies. They work with you and your physician to optimize the use of prescription medicine, improve your health, and lower healthcare costs. Pharmacists are one of the most easily reached healthcare professionals, making them an ideal resource for your everyday health questions. Feel free to stop in and chat with your local pharmacist today!

Advice from your pharmacist:

  • Many pharmacies offer packaging services; check with yours to see if they can dispense your medicine in easy-to-remember packaging
  • Take advantage of programs that your pharmacy may have to fill all your medicine at the same time so that you never run out
  • Store medicines away from family and friends
  • If you have expired medications that you no longer use, check here for locations to safely dispose of them
  • Stick to one doctor and one pharmacy, if possible
  • Medicine is prescribed for you, and only you! Sharing medicine can be dangerous
  • Make sure to tell your doctor and pharmacist about all the medicine you are taking, including medicine available without a prescription
  • If you are looking for a coupon, try visiting the manufacturer's website
  • If you ever have any questions about your medicine, ask your local pharmacist, they are there to help you!

This page contains links that are here to help you with your medicine. Even though these resources are reliable, please do not forget that this does not replace the information your doctor has given to you about yours, or a loved one's, health. Do not make any changes to your medicine or behaviors until talking with your doctor or pharmacist.









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