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Serving the Underserved: Celebrating 10 Years of Making a Difference with WPQC

These videos were presented as part of a special WPQC presentation at the 2018 PSW Annual Meeting, in celebration of the first 10 years of WPQC’s work. Each video incorporates a different theme demonstrating how WPQC pharmacies have uniquely incorporated WPQC standards into their practices. The patients, pharmacists, community health workers, physicians and agency partners convey to you the story of WPQC and how these practices are serving the underserved.

PSW has created an online CE course for those who were unable to make the PSW Annual Meeting. The CE is titled "Serving the Underserved: 10 Years of Making a Difference with WPQC" and can be found on the Online CE page. This CE course is worth 1 hour of credit.

Targeted Patient Care


Continuity of Care


Community-Clinical Linkages


Transitions of Care


Public and Population Health


Team-Based Care


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