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What is the Wisconsin Pharmacy Quality Collaborative (WPQC)?

The Wisconsin Pharmacy Quality Collaborative (WPQC) is a network of pharmacies with pharmacists who provide medication therapy management (MTM) services such as comprehensive medication reviews to patients. The ultimate goal of WPQC is to resolve drug therapy problems, improve adherence, and engage patients in their own care. To view the list of participating WPQC pharmacies, click here


Goals of WPQC

WPQC Program Description

WPQC is offered throughout Wisconsin, with participating pharmacies committing
to higher standards for medication management, patient education, quality assurance, and patient safety.

Certified pharmacists who have received specific training meet privately with patients to review medication regimens, communicate potential opportunities to improve medication use with physicians and other health care providers, and educate patients on the appropriate use of their medications.

WPQC expanded statewide under a three-year Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Health care Innovations grant and is now implemented in pharmacies across the state.

The WPQC program aims to reduce health care costs by optimizing medication use to enhance patient outcomes, improve patient adherence, and reduce hospital readmissions.


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